About Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 Benevolent Fund

Established in May 2016, the Northern Colorado Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 Benevolent Fund (FOP #3 Benevolent Fund) was formed under the laws of the state of Colorado and is exempt from taxation pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code of 1986, as amended. The goals, purpose and objectives of the FOP #3 Benevolent Fund are as follows:


  • To establish a relief fund offering monetary assistance to certain active and retired federal officers and active and retired members of state, county and municipal police departments who have been injured in the line of duty or are suffering from illness, disease or injury and the spouses, children, families and designated beneficiaries of such individuals;

  • To solicit monetary contributions from active/retired members of any state, county and municipal police departments and the general public;

  • To distribute a portion of such monies on a periodic basis to those the fund was designed and promoted to assist;

  • To retain and deposit a portion of such monies in one or more, prudent financial investment vehicles, in order to make future distributions for the purpose the fund has been designed; 

  • To establish criteria governing the solicitation, collection, distribution and retention of monies collected by the corporation;

  • To receive contributions from the general public and distribute them to other organizations that are tax exempt, 501(c)(3); such may include, without limitation, qualifying organizations advancing youth education in Northern Colorado (Larimer, Weld and Logan Counties).

Foundation Funds

The foundation is funded through donations and fundraisers.
Current Foundation Balance
March 2019 - $17,048
March 2018 - $18,684
Foundation Donations


  • Injured Officers (8) - $5,700

  • Officer's family member support or medical issues (6) - $6,600

  • Facilitated GoFundMe accounts for injured First Responders - $15,550

  • Unity Tour Charitable Ride - $2,040 (plus an additional $3,800 raised by riders)


  • Fallen Deputy Gumm, Adams County

  • Fallen Deputy Flick, El Paso County

  • Fallen Deputy Parrish, Douglas County

  • Officers shot (4), Douglas County

  • Police Unity Tour donation

  • Retired member's husband with debilitating illness

CO FOP #3 LOGO_new_trans.png

Board of Directors

Chris Renn, President

Scott Goff, 1st Vice President

Mike Langley, 2nd Vice President

Suzanne Rice, Treasurer

Dexter Rowe, Director

Sarah Braun, Secretary

Adam Braun, Member at Large

  • Each board member's term is up to 3 years, and a board member may serve a maximum of 4 terms.

  • To be a board member, an individual must be a member in good standing with the Northern Colorado FOP Lodge #3.

  • The board will elect directors from the members in good standing with the lodge.